On this beautiful Friday we would like to spotlight one of our amazing volunteers, Tawny. Tawny has been volunteering with The Rape Crisis Center since February 2015. She is a hospital advocate, helps with outreach events, and has answered calls on our crisis telephone hotline.

She is that much-needed kind of volunteer that fills in the gaps wherever we might need her. She signs up for hospital shifts usually from 6pm till midnight during the week and on the weekend. When most of us are heading home to have dinner with our families, or heading out for leisure time with friends, Tawny makes herself available to be an advocate at the hospital for someone who has been sexually assaulted.

In October of 2015, community relations was swamped with requests for outreach events. We sent out an email requesting help, and Tawny swooped in to save the day! She stopped by our center, picked up the outreach bin, and went out on a Tuesday evening to work an outreach table by herself. This was not only a great help to the community relations department, but gave peace of mind that the person doing the event was knowledgeable and passionate about our work.

Since Tawny began volunteering for The Rape Crisis Center, she has completed 243 volunteer hours, which include sitting with a total of 18 survivors at local hospitals while they have their forensic exam. This is an incredible number of hours for one individual to commit to our agency while working a full time job and having other responsibilities. Tawny, we sincerely appreciate your service to survivors and to this agency. Thank you!