You know how we all have that one person in our life that would be the first person we would call if we were on a game show because they know everything about everything? That person at The Rape Crisis Center is our board member, Randy Baker. That’s because Randy has had such vast and broad experiences. He’s a master gardener, worked at casinos for years, has journalism experience, an advertising background, previous college professor, and Master’s Leadership Program graduate…just to name a few.

We here at The Rape Crisis Center have been extremely blessed to have Randy on our Board of Directors since August 2013. Randy goes above and beyond the job duties of a board member to attend our special events, speak at our mission tours, and even helped spearhead our strategic planning committee.

Some of our staff had training in Washington D.C., last year and Randy volunteered to go with us as a part of the team. It was a sight to be seen as 6 women decades younger than Randy, struggled to keep up with him walking through the streets of DC. This man has no shortage of energy! It should also be said that he is a pro on segway! 🙂

Most importantly, Randy cares about this agency and this cause. He wholeheartedly commits himself to his role as a board member and supporter of the work we do here. Thank you Randy for your service to this agency!