Protection 1 is the nation’s premier full service security provider, protecting homes and businesses like us at millions of locations. As part of our Relocation Project, Protection 1’s local office, led by General Manager Mark Weidemann, has decided to sponsor a counseling room (a $2,500 contribution) in our future home. We spoke with Mark about why they chose to get involved.

RCC: Why is it important Protection 1 to be involved in the community?

MW: Our goal at Protection 1 is to be the company that sets the standard for a positive Customer Experience in our markets, and we realize that our commitment to our customer’s extends beyond just the services we provide. We are active members of the communities that we live in and want to be a positive contributor to creating a culture of caring, service and commitment.

RCC: What are you and your employees getting out of partnering with The Rape Crisis Center?

MW: Each of our employees are dedicated to providing safety, security and a “Peace of Mind” to our customers. We realize that many clients of The Rape Crisis Center have been denied those privileges and we want to let all the clients know there are people who care.

RCC: Why is The Rape Crisis Center a valuable agency to partner with?

MW: I believe both parties share the common vision of helping those that may be in need of our services. Through education and awareness, services and solutions, and a culture of commitment to helping others, we’re aligned closely in our overall mission and vision to make our community and our clients safer.

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