The members of Driven to Care, a regional philanthropy program of Discount Tire, have been ambassadors of The Rape Crisis Center since 2013. From simply spreading the word about our services to organizing fundraisers (as pictured above for a craft and wreath auction), we can’t begin to explain how huge of an asset they are to us; due to their support, we were able to maintain two counseling experts and our youth prevention educators. We caught up with Donna Wrona from Driven to Care to talk about their outlook on our partnership.

What is Driven to Care’s motivation for partnering with The Rape Crisis Center?

Donna: Driven to Care is passionate about making a change for the better in the communities that Discount Tire services. We knew that there was a dire need for awareness, support and financial help to put an end to sexual violence. We met with Miriam, toured the facility and knew in our hearts that we could make a difference not only within the community but also for the healing of a few of our Driven to Care ambassadors and many others of whom suffer in silence. The potential to save anyone from the pain that sexual violence causes an entire family was undeniably important to everyone within Driven to Care and we wanted to do anything we could to help. Discount Tire currently has over 50 stores within the San Antonio Region. We cannot help to presume that many have been effected by this topic or know someone who has. It is gratifying to know that if they need to talk to someone The Rape Crisis Center is there.

What would you tell people who are scared off by the issue of sexual violence?

Donna: Driven to Care doesn’t get scared off by many of the “tough” issues. We believe that if you teach and make the issue known then it will become less taboo. We also know that The Rape Crisis Center has similar thinking. Driven to Care would love to challenge those who are scared to make one call into the center, or one visit – it will change your life. Listen to the stories of survivors and their struggles and most significantly their triumphs. Join in on the Run 4 Hope, Painting with a Twist, Self Defense Class, Vagina Monologues, or one of the many activities that The Rape Crisis Center offers and supports. The truth is sexual violence doesn’t have to happen directly to you or a friend to have an affect on your life. In the end, it affects us all and it will take us all to end it.

About Driven to Care: Founded in 2005, this regional philanthropy program improves the quality of lives in the various Discount Tire regions across the country. Funded by regional tires sales, the program makes grant monies available to the wives of Discount Tire’s Regional Vice Presidents and Assistant Vice Presidents. These dedicated and passionate women volunteer their time to research important local issues and give to charitable organizations that make a difference in their local communities. Since its inception, the Driven to Care program has granted over $5 million to more than 260 deserving organizations throughout the US, addressing important local needs such as homelessness, hunger, and children’s health and welfare issues. (Source: