Angela Peña has been an ambassador with The Rape Crisis Center since January 2016. She’s an RN and administrator for Special Kids Care and the Founder and President of Humor for Heroes, a nonprofit that provides a comedic outlet to military members and their significant others to honor them for their dedicated service.

RCC: Why are you motivated to partner with us?

AP: I work with several charities, including my own. But, after attending a Conversations of Hope tour and being stunned by the prevalence and under-reporting of sexual violence, I left thinking that I could do so much more.

RCC: What would you tell those who are uncomfortable about the issue of sexual violence?

AP: I acknowledge that this is an uncomfortable topic. This topic makes people feel unsafe and distrustful. However, uncomfortable as this topic is, this is a topic that should be discussed and discussed regularly. As with every other issue affecting society, turning a blind eye to this subject contributes nothing. Sexual violence is an ugly reality that must be tackled with numbers. I encourage everyone to find their voice and work together to make our communities safer.

RCC: How would you advise others to approach their loved ones to raise awareness about this issue?

AP: Unfortunately, every day there is at least one new story in the media related to sexual violence and/or exploitation. A discussion on current events affords the opportunity to offer education, awareness and begin the dialogue.

RCC: What would you consider your proudest moment since adding your voice to the movement?

AP: I have been able to introduce colleagues and legislators to the RCC. Many of these introductions have been eye opening experiences for those learning about the RCC for the first time and others have developed strong relationships with the RCC.

As an ambassador, Angela’s coordinated fundraisers as well as press conferences and meetings with elected officials to make them more aware of this prevalent crime in our community. Because of her support, we were able to raise funds for services provided to military and civilian survivors of sexual assault.

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