When I was assaulted I wanted to tell the police. Because I was a male and fit I was told it if I hadn’t fought back the it was possible I could be arrested for sodomy because the person who assaulted me was a male. It took me years and still as I start to seek help I run into programs still labeled Women’s Services, with a small caption down the page that says “we serve men too.”  I was told today by a rape crisis center that they didn’t have support groups for men other than batterers intervention programs. They invited me to a trauma class and said there was usually one or two males that attended. One man in a room full of women that statistically had been traumatized by women.  I have had the experience of showing up at women’s services programs and having the police called “because I was a suspicious man on the property.” All I am now is suspicious of any organization’s desire to serve and protect me.

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