The Rape Crisis Center presents our all male lead virtual panel on masculinity, rape culture, and what “being a man” really means. There are many challenges and obstacles that a man faces throughout their life. Each of these men will share their unique and personal experiences with masculinity and how they have used their voice to disrupt the normalities of rape culture. Panelists include Mike Johnson, Sean Woods, William Lynch, Julius Hunter, and Máximo Anguiano.
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Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson rose to national stardom throughout the summer of 2019, appearing on ABC’s hit series “The Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise”.  He quickly emerged as a authentic, leading voice as audiences fell in love with his kind heart, joyous demeanor, Air Force veteran background, and vulnerability.  Once leaving reality television, Johnson embraced his newfound audience and turned his attention to philanthropic work, national speaking engagements, and writing his debut book, “Making the Love You Want”.  Today, Johnson continues to transform audiences by showcasing his global influence through brave storytelling and breaking ground on conversations within sexology.


Sean Woods

Sean Woods is the Primary Prevention Coordinator at the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center.  He has a BA in Theatre and Dance from the University of Texas at Austin, and he has been with DARCC since November of 2017. He has facilitated sexual violence prevention training to hundreds of students, faculty, and staff at Tarrant County College District, Texas Woman’s University, Southern Methodist University, Eastfield Campus, and the University of Texas at Arlington.  He advocates for sexual assault survivors, trains students on the importance of safe communities and healthy relationships, and encourages them to “Be Upstanders” while pursuing higher education at any of the seven Dallas College campuses. Sean has also created sexual violence prevention content for workshops and trainings for nursing students at Baylor University School of Nursing, Dallas College law enforcement officers at Garland, Eastfield, and SMU PD, and the DCCCD Licensed Professional Counselors.

William Lynch

William Lynch is an ACS certified sexologist, sex coach, sexuality educator, and Safe Zone trained professional. He specializes in relationship communication and the LGBTQIA+ community, while working predominantly with individuals and their partners to help them achieve their personal intimacy goals. He has taught specialized sexuality classes at San Antonio’s Sexology Institute; been a guest speaker for Transgender awareness events at locations including Madison Square Presbyterian Church, the Sexology Institute, and Our Lady of the Lake University; and also serves as a guest educator for the Pride Center, conducting inclusivity trainings with the San Antonio Police Department.

Julius Hunter

Julius Hunter is a New Orleans native with over 15 years of leadership experience. He is a doctoral candidate in Leadership Studies at Our Lady of the Lake University. His dissertation will examine the relationship between Body Mass Index, Positive Psychological Capital and Authentic Leadership. Julius’ second home is the gym where he has served as a physical trainer and group exercise instructor. He enjoys seeing others get fit, develop healthy habits and grow stronger. He is committed to social justice and health equity, promoting awareness and education in the San Antonio community.

Máximo Anguiano

Máximo Anguiano is an athlete, community advocate, and thought-leader out of San Antonio, Texas. He has emerged as one of the most talented and dynamic individuals of his generation. As a critical, intellectual voice on the intersection of culture, sociopolitics, and racial justice, Maximo is a champion of the Latinx/a/o community and a true cross-pollinator of innovation. He was a member of the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s Alexander Briseño Leadership Development Program Class of 2016 and Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Incorporated’s Board of Directors. Through various community, artistic, and educational works, Maximo’s passion & charisma have electrified crowds; bringing a fresh, progressive and driven approach to changing the world.