Sexual assault continues to impact our community in mass numbers. In recent months, we have borne witness to reports of sexual violence at the hands of Bill Cosby, the all-American dad whose TV presence many of us embraced, Brock Turner, a Stanford University athlete whose minimal sentencing for his sex crimes infuriated the nation, and other similar cases that shake our sensibilities.

The Rape Crisis Center (RCC) is the only sexual assault program in Bexar County. Since 1975, the RCC solely existed to support people impacted by this form of violence and to stop sexual oppression from happening. Once again, the RCC steps up to handle the increased need for sexual violence survivor services by expanding and relocating our main offices.

Since 2004, The Rape Crisis Center has been located off Highway 90 West. From this quiet, remote area the RCC has served thousands upon thousands of survivors, their families, loved ones, and community members. RCC has trained thousands of volunteers, professionals, and students to provide care, speak up for change, and advocate for other social injustices. From this location we have reached out to hundreds and connected with donors and leaders throughout our community. As the city continues to grow, the Highway 90 location has created challenges and barriers to many others seeking help. A client living on the far side of town who depends on public transportation spends up to three hours one way and transfers buses twice. Due to construction, clients in crisis miss exits, or become overwhelmed looking for our offices, and often turn around to return home in frustration.

The Rape Crisis Center’s mission is to lead our nation in providing excellent care to those impacted by sexual violence. At the forefront of that charge are our crisis intervention, counseling, and prevention education teams. Our mission has outgrown our current location. After much research, consultation, and building tours, the agency landed very close to where it used to be in 2003.

On January 15, 2017, RCC will move its main offices to Loop 410 off of Callaghan, 4606 Centerview Drive, Suite 200. When asked why this area, Miriam Elizondo, Executive Director stated, “to reach our mission we must be accessible and central to our community’s population. The Rape Crisis Center exists to support those on a journey toward healing and lessen the stress and challenges in their lives.” Elizondo reported that finding the new building was the first task, and now the priority is to design a space that is uniquely tailored for the healing of all men, women, and children survivors. Elizondo explains:

Trauma-informed care demands commitment to being client-centered, client-mindful, and to creating a space of compassion and kindness throughout every stage of the healing process. From the very first step through our front doors, to the welcoming at the front office, the comfort of the waiting room, the inspiring art in the hallways, and the peacefulness of the offices, we embrace the survivor’s right to caring treatment.

Elizondo reported that every design, color, and piece of furniture is carefully selected to align with these principles and the RCC’s mission.

Partners in this mission are critical and RCC hopes that the community will visit the new location and find ways to support and engage with this organization. “We need the support of the entire community if we plan to end sexual violence. Knowing where we are and what we do is the first step towards that collaboration”, states Ms. Elizondo. RCC anticipates to be moved in at the end of January and is looking for sponsorships to help this relocation happen smoothly. For more information about our move, please visit