A little to know about Roxy: 1) her whole world revolves around her amazing husband and four kids, and 2) she’s super-involved at her church, St. Jerome, that happens to sponsor our annual Run 4 Hope 5K (we have Roxy to thank for that). She served as our administrative assistant for nine years and has been an ambassador since January 2016.

RCC: Why are you motivated to partner with The Rape Crisis Center?

RP: I believe that RCC is a valuable agency that provides much needed services for our community. They strive each day to put an end to sexual violence.

RCC: What would you tell those who are uncomfortable about the issue of sexual violence?

RP: Sexual assault happens in every zip code. It does not discriminate based on age, race, religion, or financial situation. We owe it to our children and future generations to provide a world where we can prevent and educate about sexual violence.

RCC: How would you advise others to approach their loved ones to raise awareness about this issue?

RP: Sexual assault awareness is often a topic that does not receive the support and recognition it deserves. People have a hard time supporting a cause with the word “rape” in it. We need to change our mindset—sexual assault awareness should be an important cause.

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