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Client Advocacy

Client Advocacy

Linking survivors to the resources they need.


We support survivors and their families with everyday needs—from shelter and housing to employment and legal assistance. We connect our clients and their families to community resources that can help with any concerns that impact a survivor’s healing process. Our goal is to not let survivors fall through the cracks without the support and resources they deserve, from the immediate crisis to the long-term. Along with referrals, we help clients directly by providing information (i.e. human trafficking resources), accompaniment to law enforcement and court, help completing applications like Crime Victims’ Compensation (CVC), and our Address Confidentiality Program, to name a few.

Ways We Help

  • Providing information and resources
  • Law enforcement/court accompaniment
  • Application assistance (CVC, Medicaid, Food Stamps, etc.)
  • Address Confidentiality Program

Most Common Referrals

Legal Assistance

To provide access to low-cost or free legal information, advice or representation.

Housing/Utilities Assistance

To find shelter, help with bills (rent, mortgage, gas, electric, phone, water, etc.) or break lease.


For access to direct food services provided by food pantries, food banks, etc.

Specialized Counseling

For specialized counseling services outside of our scope (i.e. substance abuse care).

Follow-up Medical Care

To monitor health through regular physical exams and/or medical tests by a doctor.

Inpatient Care

For those in need of a diagnosis or treatment that requires an overnight stay at a hospital.

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