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About PREA

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) is a federal law that was passed in 2003 to address the sexual violence occurring behind bars. All detention facilities are required to adopt a zero tolerance policy toward sexual harassment and sexual assault. In 2012, a set of standards was put in place to help agencies prevent, detect and respond to incidents of abuse. Under PREA, detention facilities must partner with rape crisis centers to provide advocacy and crisis intervention services for incarcerated survivors.

Sexual Violence Behind Bars

  • Approximately 200,00 people were abused behind bars in the previous year alone.
  • In more than half of reported incidents, the perpetrator was a corrections staff member.
  • The majority of survivors chose not to report the abuse, and those who did come forward, often experienced retaliation, including disciplinary actions, transfer to solitary confinement or increased harassment.
  • Vulnerable populations faced an especially high risk of abuse: LGBTQ-identified prisoners, inmates with mental illness and individuals with a previous history of sexual assault.
  • Only one in ten incarcerated survivors received assistance from a counselor, and even fewer were able to access continued services.

*Data taken from a 2011-2012 survey conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics

Guiding Principles

  • All forms of sexual violence are unacceptable, regardless of where the abuse occurs.
  • Every survivor should have access to compassionate, confidential support services.
  • We support underserved populations, including individuals currently incarcerated.

Resources for Our Partner Facilities

Toll-Free Hotline

Survivors can reach our hotline free of charge on the inmate phones.

Inmate Education Materials

We provide posters, brochures and referral cards to promote awareness of our services.

PREA Standards & Program Logistics

We work with facilities to ensure our services align with PREA standards. All calls must be confidential, and multiple reporting options should be available to inmates.

Staff Training

We educate jail administrators and correctional officers on the importance of providing support services to survivors.

PREA Support Hotline

Our advocates provide immediate support to callers in need of crisis intervention, advice and a safe place to talk. Whether the assault occurred recently or many years ago, we are here to listen. Our services are confidential, and all survivors may receive help, even if they’ve chosen not to report. When callers are preparing to transition back into the community, we connect them with local counseling services through referrals.

We have been providing hotline services to the Bexar County Jail since 2014. We currently work with sixteen additional facilities.

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Alison Hom

PREA Support Hotline Coordinator