24-Hour Hotline: 210-349-7273


Our internships are offered at both the Masters and Bachelor levels. They are flexible so you can develop your skills and experience in the way that best suits you.

Crisis Intervention Intern

All interns will be trained on and assist with our telephone hotline. The beauty of your internships is that, with our services provided 24/7, you can do these hours at a time that works with your schedule. Interns will spend time both doing hospital advocacy and working in the office to get a full experience of the services we provide to the community.

For further requirements, please contact Deana Franks, Deputy Director of Programs at dfranks@rapecrisis.com.

Counseling Intern

All counseling interns will be providing direct counseling services to sexual assault survivors. During this internship you will have the opportunity to gather experience working with individuals (children, adolescents, and adults) and families that are dealing with the psychological impact of sexual violence under the supervision of Licensed Professional Counselors. The supervisor will contribute to the development of your counseling skills necessary to best serve this population. All applicants must be at least master level in counseling or related areas, and will need to have 50 direct client contact hours by the time of their application.

For further requirements, please contact Carmen Vasquez, Clinical Director at mcvasquez@rapecrisis.com.

Outreach Intern

Become well acquainted with and participate in a nonprofit’s educational work in the community. Work with our Community Outreach and Education departments to not only understand and contribute to our curriculum, but to also hone your own public speaking and community engagement skills by presenting to community groups, schools, and other organizations. Responsibilities will also include helping in The Center with education preparation and going to health fairs and community events to assist Outreach.

For further requirements, please contact Chloe Power, Community Relations Director at cpower@rapecrisis.com.

How to Get Started

1. Fill Out Application

Download our Volunteer Application and email the completed form to Stacey at sschwab@rapecrisis.com.

2. Attend Orientation

RSVP with Stacey at sschwab@rapecrisis.com.

Tuessday | April 25, 2017 | 6:30-8:30PM

Please bring your driver’s license and auto insurance.

3. Complete Live Training

Summer 2017 Training Dates*:

June 10, 2017  –  9am-6pm

June 24,  2017  –  9am-6pm

July 8, 2017  –  9am-6pm

July 22, 2017  –  9am-6pm

*Training is held at The Rape Crisis Center unless noted. Certified through the Office of the Attorney General of Texas. Attendance at each training date is required to volunteer.