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Building a bridge to help, hope and healing.


Whether it’s a few days after the abuse or years after—whether the assault happened locally or outside of the country—we’re here to help. We offer free, confidential counseling services to survivors of sexual violence and everyone else in the community who’s been affected by this crime, including survivors’ acquaintances, friends, family and partners. Our goal is to assist clients in the healing of issues that stem from the trauma of sexual violence, helping them to cope with the immediate crisis and regain a sense of control and trust. Our counselors use a variety of therapeutic approaches, including but not limited to, cognitive-behavioral therapy, solution-focused brief therapy, narrative therapy and bilateral stimulation (EMDR).


  • Free services
  • No session limits
  • Bilingual counselors
  • Transportation assistance

Therapies Provided

Individual Counseling

Provides an open, supportive, and confidential environment to address the issues that are concerning you.

Couples Counseling

Helps non-offending partners heal from the lasting physical and psychological affects of sexual violence.

Family Counseling

Targets relationships and the overall functioning of the family unit for non-offending family members.

Play Therapy

Helps children cope with difficult emotions and find solutions to their problems.

Support Groups

Helps build trust and camaraderie among survivors as participants collectively explore the causes of their issues.

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Hotline (24-hour): 210-349-7273

For more info, contact Carmen Vasquez, Clinical Director, at mcvasquez@rapecrisis.com.